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Double sided painted wooden sign
Painted Wooden Hanging Signs

Font - Berling, Size - 750mm x 450mm
Painted qooden sign using the very stable accoya timber. The board colour was Farrow and Ball Estare 31 and the letters No 2003 Pointing. This sign was double sided for hanging. Fittings can be supplied.

Projecting sign with a metal bracket
Floral Classic Projecting Sign

Size - 550mm x 340mm
This is a projecting sign using a metal bracket with a moulded UV stable rigid plastic panel. The design was printed using exterior vinyl and covered in a tough laminate for longer life

Hanging wood framed pub sign
Framed Pub Sign for Hanging

Size - 525mm x 525mm
This is a printed and laminated aluminium composite board with a painted wooden frame. It was sold with a wrought iron hanging bracket.

Full colour sign provided with brackets and lights
Full Colour Hanging Sign

Size 650mm x 800mm
This hanging sign was created on a 19mm PVC board which was painted Heritage Green. Yellow cut vinyl lattering along with a full colour print were applied. Bracket, fittings and lights also provided.

Painted frame sign with painted post and arm
Painted Hanging Signs

Font - Futura, Size 600mm x 300mm
This ia a wooden framed sign with the inner panel painted white and the frame, post and hanging arm painted Farrow and Ball Lichen

Oak sign with a wrought iron bracket
Wrought Iron Hanging Brackets

Font - Harrington, Size 300mm x 225mm
There is a whole selection of wrought iron hanging brackets in various sizes made by our local blacksmith. The sign above made, in oak and was suspended using a top fixing plate.

Printed panel with oak frame and wrought iron hanging rings
Oak Framed Hanging Signs

Size 750mm x 600mm
The centre panel is aluminium composite with printed vinyl applied. It has been covered in a tough laminate for longer life before being framed in oak. Supplied with a 1000mm wrought iron bracket.

Scroll brackets with 19mm Panel
Scroll Bracket Projecting Signs

Size 700mm Panel
Projecting sign - Circular TZ-JECT23 The panel is made from 19mm PVC. It is supplied with metal scroll brackets and fixings

Carved oak sign with posts and wrought iron hanging bracket
Carved Oak Sign with Bracket

Font Lucida Calligraphy
This oak sign - size 150mm x 400mm was attached to the oak post using a scroll end wrought iron bracket.

RS range of hanging signs and brackets
Rs Range of Hanging Signs

These brackets are of a welded construction, manufactured from steel and powder coated black or white. The metal panels are available in a range of colours.

RS Bracket with custom made panel
RS Hanging Bracket

The bracket is a standard AFL bracket and the panel was made from aluminium composite to suit the customers artwork. The panel was 610 x 610mm

Wooden post and sign made in oak
Wooden Sign on Exmoor Post

Font - Benguiat Bold, Size - 600 x 350mm
These beauiful Exmoor posts can be used for hanging a whole variety of signs. The photo showing above was made in Oak.

Wood framed aluminium composite board
Wooden Framed Sign

Font - Tempus Sans, Size 600 x 450mm
The wooden frame has been painted Heritage Green. The sign panel is white aluminium composite. The lettering is dark green vinyl.

Metal posts with hanging arm
Metal Posts with Hanging Arm

Size - 2.5m High
This is a metal post with a hanging bracket attached. The box steel posts is 2.5m high, 610mm to end box steel horizontal, 730mm in total with 300mm between hooks. Can be used with many different signs.

Metal hanging panel
Full Colour Hanging Signs

Size 596mm x 454mm
A double sided hanging sign made on a MT4 landscape panel. It has been laminate with a tough eggshell finish to protect the sign and extend its lifespan.

Wooden sign hanging from galanised scroll bracket  1908.LW.063
Galvanised Scroll Bracket

Font - Bookman Old Style
This oak sign was 450mm x 300mm in size and 30mm thick. It was hanging from a galvanised and unpainted medium scroll bracket.

Post and hanging arms with all fittings
Painted Oak Post & Arm

Size 100x100mm 2.4m tall
This oak post with hanging arm wad painted Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue. The sign was also made in oak and the size was 600mm x 225mm

Printed hanging signs supplied with brackets and fittings
Printed Hanging Sign

Size 600 x 600mm
Customers artwork was printed on exterior vinyl wich is then laminated for longer life. It was then applied to a 19mm thick hanging PVC panel and supplied with 850mm bracket.

Black oak framed sign with wrought iron bracket
Black Wooden Framed Sign

Font - Black Chancery Size 450 x 375mm
This sign was made with a 50mm black painted wooden frame, The panel is black aluninium composite with gold lettering. The scroll frame has an extra top scroll

Printed Oak Framed Hanging Signs
Printed Oak Framed Sign

Size 750 x 600mm
This attractive hanging sign was quite large and needed the 1000mm BWXX Ball End Wrought Iron Bracket to hang from,

19mm PVC sign panel and hanging bracket
Hanging Signs in TZ Range

These panels and brackets are ideal for commercial hanging signs, There are many bracket styles and the paels are made from 19nn PVC

Lots of wooden signs in a varitey of timbers
More Wooden Signs

Wood, both painted or carved is often used for business signs - our carpenters can make them just the way you want them. click on the link below for more ideas.

Wooden Sign Overview
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Black framed hanging sign
Wooden Framed Hanging Sign

Font - Arial, Size 425mm x 500mm
Wooden frame and tough wood based board have been painted Farrow and Ball St Giles Blue. The painted lettering is white.

Wooden hanging signs available in all shapes and sizes
Hanging Wooden Signs

Font - Times Roman, Size 200 x 250mm
We have a large selection of posts and fittings to suit most sign combinations.

Traditional painted sign using modern tough tricoya board
Traditional Painted Signs

Font - Arial, Size 425mm x 500mm
Wooden frame and tough wood based board have been painted Farrow and Ball St Giles Blue. The painted lettering is white.

Metal MT1 Hanging Signs
Metal MT1 Hanging Signs

Font - Lucida Bright, Size 454 x 596mm
Portrait metal sign panels with vinyl lettering on sturdy metal bracket. Great value hanging sign.

Hanging Business Sign
Fibreglass Hanging Pub Sign

Font - Maiandra GD, Size 813 x 1068mm
Fibreglass pub sign with bracket. Fibreglass colour - RAL 6021. Letter colour - Silver.

Full colour hanging sign supplied with a bracket
Full Colour Hanging Sign

Size - 700mm x 494mm
A range of very good value hanging signs and panels. The artwork was supplied by the customer. This sign as you night have expected was sent to France.

Projecting Business Sign
Projecting Business Sign

Size - diameter 500mm
19mm PVC circular panel with full coloured printed artwork and scroll brackets

Colourful oak framed hanging sign
Oak Framed Hanging Sign

Size - 450mm x 450mm
Printed onto exterior vinyl, applied to aluminium composite and laminated. Finally it was framed in oak and varnished. Wrought iron rings were then attached to hang from wrought iron bracket.

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We do make business signs, entrance signs and sign boards from many materials and in a huge variety of styles. For more ideas click on the links below. Don't forget you can call us for help.

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