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Cheese Board - Meat Carving Board - End Grain Block - Salad Servers - Bread Boards

This range of top quality chopping boards make fantastic wedding presents and house warming gifts - even more so once you have them personalised with your message.

Breadboard with rope handle

You can also add an image - we have thousands to choose from - to make your gift even more special. 

Most of the boards below are made from Hevea which is actually the wood from the rubber tree, Once these trees reach about 25 years their latex production slows down and they are felled.

This provides us with  tropical hardwood which is very durable and stable - ideal for cutting boards.
Square Beech Chopping Board with Rope

Beech is a northern hardwood which adapts well to humidity and the kitchen environment.

Ref.TG13    250 x 250 x 30mm   Cost - £31.95   A 

Wooden handled cutting board

Rectangular Wooden Board with cut-Out Heart

As with all wooden gift ideas on the page this personalised cheeseboard is made from heavea or rubber wood which is ideal for the kitchen.

Ref.TG02     Cost - £26.25   A

Cook Book Stand

This cook book stand comes individually gift box. Include your message on the back panel or bottom front panel.

Ref.TG21    280 x 230 x 90mm  Cost - £39.95 A 

Cook Book Stand

Round Board with knife Sharpened

Beautiful beech chopping board with a knife sharpener attached to easily maintain the cutting edge of your knife.

Ref.TG20    300 x 300mm  Cost - £53.99 A

Round Beech Chopping Board with Knife Sharpener

Heart shaped chopping board

Heart Board

Ref.TG01         Size 250 x 235 x 15mm
A lovely gift for valentines day or an anniversary. This chopping board is almost too good to use. Would look great as a plaque just hanging on the wall.
Cost - £26.95    A


Personalised Surf Board

Large Surf Board

Ref.TG04         Size 360 x 260 x 15mm
A great value gift - ideal for new home present. Choose one of our many images to add a special touch along with your personal message.
Cost - £28.25   A

Wooden handled cutting board

Meat Cutting Block

Ref.TG09         Size 360 x 255 x 20mm
A beautifully made board for carving meat. It is made with a juice groove, gravy well and pouring lip. An excellent gift which will be well appreciated.
Cost - £31.25  A

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Personalised Message
Personalised Message on Endgrain Chopping Block

End Grain Chopping Block

Endgrain Blocks

These are really chunky butchers chopping block, - just add your message..

Large Ref.TG08        Size 450 x 300 x 40mm
Cost - £58.95   A
Med Ref.TG07        Size 380 x 260 x 40mm
Cost - £49.95   A

Personalised wooden chopping board

Beech Cutting Board

Ref.TG12         Size 365 x 255 x 20mm
A simple cutting board which is exception value for money. Add your wording in any one of our many fonts.
Cost - £31.95    A

Wooden Salad Servers

Wooden Salad Servers

Ref.TG16       Size 280mm
Beautiful wooden salad servers which will add a touch of class to any dinner table. 20 characters on each one.
Cost - £25.75   A

   To clean your board, simply rinse under hot tap and dry with paper toweling. Do not soak or put in a dishwasher.

For more ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board More Chopping Boards More Gifts
Square bread board with rope
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