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Modern Hand Painted
Cast House Signs

Traditional Cast Signs Using Modern Materials

These signs are cast in one piece using a very high quality polyurethane. This is an extremely tough hard wearing material which is solid, rigid and does not corrode.

It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate.

Once the sign has been cast and cleaned, it is then painted. We have a variety of background and letter colours. The motifs are then painted along with any extra painting on the flat plate of the sign.

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Perfect Polyurethane

House Signs & House Numbers

Signs can be made to almost any size, but to keep costs down we have a selection of standard sizes and shapes as listed below. Motifs, crests and logos can be cast or just painted onto the flat plate of the sign.

In addition we can quote for for bespoke house signs in different shapes and sizes.

Oval House signs - cast
Cast Oval House Signs

Rectangular & Square House Signs

Cast Arch Top House Signs

Domed Top Rectangular Signs

Cast House Numbers

Pet Portraits Signs and Numbers

The standard fonts for our cast polyeuranthane house signs are Times New Roman or Franklin Gothic.

However it is posible to have special patterns made for other fonts. The one in the image - The Waldrons - is Edwardian Script. The cost for using special fonts is £5 per letter.

Arch top house sign using Edwardian Script font.

Commercial Signage

Street Signs Hanging Cast Signs Village Signs

Polyurethane is also ideal for street signs and entrance signs. Being one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant materials around, it can cope with roadside pollution, salt spray, severe weather conditions and it even resists chemical attack. This is why it is so often used for street furniture applications such as bollards, lamp posts coats of arms and street signs.

The raised motifs can be created from customer artwork and include complex designs such as crests and coats of arm. These are then all painted by hand. Polyurethane has a closed cell structure which not only makes it very stable but prevents moisture from seeping under the surface and lifting the paint.

The FIRST FLIGHT plaque is bronze effect polyurethane - for real bronze - Click Here

Bronze effect plaque with raised letters.
Village Signs Coat of Arms Entrance Signs

Brackets and channels for fixing to standard highway type posts are also available. Ask us for a quote 
The largest sign sign which can be made is 3m x 1.5m as this is the size of the largest sand casting box!

Groton Hall Signs - the design came from a cushion!

Our artists are excellent and can create a pattern from the most unlikely sources.

The idea for this sign came from a design printed on a cushion.


Finally it should be noted that polyurethane is practically inert towards the environment and contains no atmosphere damaging chlorofluorocarbons.

For more ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board More Cast Signs
Square cast house sign
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Large hand painted sign

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