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4x4 Spare Wheel Covers
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Personalised Wheelcovers

Wheel covers are a great way to advertise your business or personalise your 4x4. A custom wheel cover may help you stand out from the crowd or give your spare wheel the professional finesse that it deserves.

With our wheelcovers, you have the choice of a plain vinyl wheel cover, a full colour vinyl disk, a wheelcover with cut vinyl lettering or a full wrap which neatly covers the whole disk. Our wheelcover skirts are black as standard but we can craft them in other colours to suit your needs.

We find that business wheel cover designs are best crafted from cut vinyl. This is uniquely one of our most affordable options, while also being a finish that is long lasting.

Our most popular personal wheelcover designs tend to feature images of animals (horses or dogs are common favourites)! Let us know what you're looking for and we'll get a design arranged for you and your spare wheel.

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  Reflective Wheelcover

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The Types of Wheel Cover                            Click here to find your 4x4  vinyl wheel cover size.

Single flat colour designs

Personalised 4x4 Spare Wheel Covers - Single Colour

These are the simplest yet have the longest life span of our custom made wheel covers. The basic price is just £110 including VAT for a black semi-rigid wheel cover with cut vinyl lettering of your choice applied in one colour. Pictures / logos can be used. Really be seen with reflective text @ £25

This type of wheel cover is not just for business wheelcovers. Use one of our huge selection of single colour images along with a great vinyl colour to create a really individual and long lasting wheel cover.

Designs which include a printed logo or pictur

Wheel Covers with Printed Image & Cut Vinyl Lettering

These are similar to the above but includes a colour printed picture or logo The logo is printed onto the vinyl before it is applied to the wheelcover. The image can be cut to shape.

This combination of cut vinyl and printed vinyl often produces the best looking wheel covers. Basic Price from £150 inc VAT

Standard Full Colour

Standard Full Colour Wheelcovers
We can print onto a good quality vinyl which is applied to the wheelcover. These will last several years but are not as long lasting as cut vinyl wheel covers. However you can use full colour photographs or complex designs with artwork and text. They are all laminated to increase its lifespan by up to two years.

It is printed exactly as it is sent and therefore if sending a digital image it is important to send as high resolution as possible.   From £125 inc VAT    

Laminated full wrap wheelcover

Full Wrap Printed Spare Wheelcovers
These wheel covers look fantastic. We print the image or artwork onto a special vinyl which, with the help of heat, wraps the whole disk including the outer curve. The result is amazing and well worth the extra money.

On this type of vinyl we laminate the surface as standard so there are no extra lamination costs. The lamination helps protect the surface against scratching and fading. 
Cost if Print Ready - £180

Stock Designs

A beautiful range of stock designs which can be applied to our
black SR-Advance and Stainless Steel covers. Production time - 1 week
SR-Advance wheel cover- £115 incl. VAT

Blank Spare Wheel Covers

Black Semi Rigid Vinyl - £70

Wheelcovers with Coloured Disks - £110 - £140

SR Advance vinyl rigid

Green soft tyre cover - other colours available.

Soft Tyre Covers and Screen Printed Wheelcovers

We can make soft tyre covers for most tyre sizes in seven colours from £35. For more information check out our new Wheel Cover Website - Click Here

Where larger quanties are required (over 25) we can screen print onto the semi rigid or the soft wheelcovers. Cost from £29 per cover

Screen printing on the royal blue vinyl fabric.

Wheel Cover Sticker

Laminated Printed Stickers
If you have a wheel cover already you might consider just having a full colour sticker. Stickers can only be applied to a hard smooth surface. They are laminated for longer lifespan. From £72 inc. VAT

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Early on in 2023, we were thrilled to take on from Fred Cutler and Ian Selby to form part of The Sign Maker. While we have been crafting bespoke hard covers for several years, we are excited to explore a business with such an extensive history. is a fantastic place to find more information on how we can serve your wheelcover needs. Manufacturing wheelcovers for individuals, businesses and trade - we strive for quality that give 4x4 spare wheels the wheel cover that they deserve.

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