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Painted Wooden Entrance Signs
Painted Entrance Signs

These are very attractive. They can be made from various timbers but oak is the most popular. The sign can be front fixed or morticed in. There is a large paint range of colours to choose from - Click here.

Painted Hockey Stick Signs
Painted Hockey Stick Signs

Font - Arial, Size -1200mm High
A simple sign which can be buried in the grass verge at your property entrance, Made from long lasting tricoya board which is then painted a huge range of colours.

Wooden Home Sign with Harry Potter font
Slate Sign - Raised Letters

Font - , Size - 450 x 300mm
The letters on this slate house sign are raised and unpainted and the background has been sandlslated away and painted white.

Laser etched painted sign
Laser Etched Painted Sign

Font -
An unusual technique where we first paint the oak in a light colour then etched out the lettering using a laser. Detailed images and fine text are possible using this method.

Engraved Corian House Sign
Engraved Corian House Sign

Font - Rennie Mackintosh
This house sign has been made from slate corian and the lettering engraved and painted white. The size is 500mm x 150mm and the border is B214. It has 4 countersunk holes.

20mm thick dark grey granite house sign
Dark Grey Granite House Sign

Font - Arial, Size - 575 x 150mm
This dark grey granite sign is 20mm thick with polished edges. There are no fixing holes it was sent with CT1 adhesive. It also has a line border with square corners.

Double sided hanging house sign
Painted Oak Sign - Double Sided

Font - Lucida Calligraphy
The size of this sign is 500mm x 200mm, the sign colour is cream and the letter colour is dark green. Posts with hanging arm can be made to match - Click Here

Red oval home sign with gold lettering
Oval Home Sign - Gold Letters

Font - Times New Roman
This simple home sign has been made from tough aluminium composite, cut into an oval and gold lettering then applied. The size is 300mm x 225mm. Totally weather-proof.

Good value house signs Ref 1907.SV.10
Good Value House Signs

These lovely signs were made using the customers artwork. The sizes were 500mm x 150mm and 200mm x 50mm. These signs are tough and weatherproof.

Large Slate House Sign with gold lettering
Oval Slate House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
The size of this oval slate sign is 280mm x 200mm. The shell image was sent in by the customer. Two standard holes were drilled. Oval granite is also available.

Full colour house sign
Full Colour House Sign

Size - 375mm x 250mm
We can use aluminium composite to create full colour house signs. Either send in your artwork or tell us how you want it to look and our designers will create it for you.

Engraved apartment sign
Engraved Apartment Sign

Font -Times Roman, Size - 400 x 300mm
The material used for this sign was 12mm slate corian and the text was engraved inti the sign and paint filled white. Ideal sign where fine detail is required.

Oak framed sign on posts
Oak Framed Entrance Sign

Font - Nubile
This is the medium oak framed entrance sign. The size of the green aluminum composite is 600mm x 375mm. The letter colour is gold. The posts are 1.4m in length and have the gothic style tops. This one was single signed but they can be double sided.

Vintage style enamelled embossed aluminium name plates.
Enameled Embossed Aluminum

Shape - Arch Top, Size 326mm x 203mm
A house sign made in the style of vintage number plates. Each plate is hand made and then sprayed with stoving enamel. These name plates should last a life time and at the same time are exceptional value for money,

Slate house number with raised letters
Slate House Number

Font - Times New Roman
This simple slate house number has raised slate letters. The size is 150mm x 150mm and the motif is CC0066.

Easily seen night or day
Reflective House Number

This reflective house number sign was made using engineering grade relective vinyl on tough aluminium composite. The size was 150mm x 150mm

Hanging house sign with hanging bracket painted in lichen green.
Hanging House Sign

Font - Times New Roman,
This sign made from accoya wood painted in Farrow and Ball Lichen. The size was 330mm x 200mm and it was double sided. Wrought iron bracket also painted Lichen green. Ref.2004.LW.101

Cast Brass House Address Sign
Cast Brass Address Sign

Size 500mm x 350mm
Arch top brass address sign with black background. This was then fixed to customers boulder.

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Huge Selection of House Signs

We do have a very varied range of house and home signs. We have shown a selection in the images above, but to see the full range click either of the links below.
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Grey aluminium composite board with white vinyl lettering
Value House Signs

Font - Times New Roman
These signs measured 585mm x 100mm. They are made from grey aluminium composite board with white vinyl lettering. Even though they are low cost, they are long lasting as well as being low maintenance.

Superior entrance signs using engraved corian and solid oak
Corian Sign inset in Oak Panel

Size - 860mm x 300mm
The sign itself (650mm x 200mm) was engraved into slate corian which was then inset into a solid oak panel. This panel was then morticed into oak posts.

Celtic slate address sign with celtic font and border
Celtic Slate Address Sign

Font - DS Celtic 1, Size - 500mm x 350mm
We sell a lot of slate signs with Celtic fonts and borders. The border above is - Celtic Border 37. For more ideas have a look at our Celtic House Signs page.

Clear Oval  Acrylic House Number
Clear Acrylic House Number

Font - Black Harrington
A 310mm x 150mm clear oval acrylic sign with the image and lettering on the reverse. A white backing is then applied. The sign is supplied with stand-away fixings.

Wooden framed house sign
Wooden Framed House Sign

Font - Georgia, Size - 450 x 375mm
Made from aluminium composite with vinyl lettering and framed in oak.

Painted wood framed sign
Painted Wood Framed Sign

Font - Beach bold, Size - 450 x 375mm
The sign colour is Farrow and Ball - Down Pipe Grey, the letter colour is white. The frame is made from accoya wood with the centre panel made from tricoya. Both these products are incredibly water resistant.

Brass Address Sign
Brass Address Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This brass address sign measured 425mm x 205mm. The brass was 3mm thick, The engraved lettering was paint filled black. It was mounted on a black wooden backing board.

Slate coloured corian sign
Corian Celtic House Sign

Font - Van Helsing, Size - 600 x 225mm
A very attractive slate coloured corian house sign. It uses a Celtic font and a decorative cetic boarder.

Wooden House Sign - Iroko
Wooden House Sign - Iroko

Font - Black Chancery, Size 300 x 150mm
Iroko is full of its own oil so an excellent choice for a wooden house sign. Each piece of iroko is different - this one is quite light with an interesting grain.

Cast Brass House Sign
Cast Brass House Sign

Size - 330mm x 225mm
On these signs you choose the overall size and lettering will be used to suit your chosen size. Background colour can be Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Green or Maroon.

Metal house sign with raised letters
Zinc Plate with Raised Letters

Font - Times New Roman, Size 240mm
These metal house signs are low maintenance, tough, weather resistant and very hard wearing. The background is etched away and painted, leaving the lettering raised.

Beautiful entrance sign for large house or farm
Superior Entrance Sign

Font - Times New Roman
These are beautiful entrance signs made of solid oak with an engraved corian plaque inset into the timber. The panel size was 750 x 300mm, the plaque size 650 x 200mm. Paint colour - Purbeck stone, Corian colour - slate

Oak framed house sign available single or double sided.
Oak Framed Sign

Font - Harrington, Size 600mm x 450mm
This sign was made using matt black aluminium composite with gold lettering and an oak frame.

Small Engraved House Sign
Small Engraved House Sign

Font - Arial, Size 150mm x 100mm
These are very durable - made from 2 ply exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath.

PVC is light weight material, yet hard and resilient, as well as being environmentally friendly.
Deep Engraved Recycled PVC

Font - Bookman Old Style
A bridge top shape is ideal if you want to include number as well as house name. We can cut this 10mm PVC to any shape. It has a matt white surface with the lettering engraved into the black recycled PVC. The result is an attractive yet very good value house sign.

Painted wooden address sign
Painted Wooden Address Sign

Font - Goudy Old Style, Size 400 x 225mm
This wooden sign was painted in the colour Farrow and Ball Downpipe Grey with white letters. The timber used was the very stable and environmentally friendly accoya.

Clear acrylic name plate with sand blast effect backing vinyl
Clear Acrylic Name Plates

Font - Bursome, Size 400 x 300mm
This clear acrylic sign has a sandblast effect backing vinyl applied to the reverse side behind the lettering. The sign is held away from the wall with stand-off fixings

French Style Metal Signs
French Style Metal Signs

Font - Times New Roman, Size 7" x 5"
These are made in zinc plated steel which is then powder coated. It is available in five colours and has a very durable finish.

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More Wooden Sign Images

Wood, both painted or carved is often used for house and home signs - click on the link below for more ideas.

Wooden Home Signs Images
Stone-Like Corian House Sign
Stone-Like Corian House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A 12mm corian sign in the colour Anthracite with a size of 600mm x 200mm. The yatch image is VS332. Paint colour white.

Shaped Corian House Sign
Shaped Corian House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This house sign was made from 12mm shaped anthracite coloured corian. The overall size is 350mm x 250mm. Letter colours - white and gold.

Engraved House Signs
Engraved House Signs

These two house signs were made from an exterior grade acrylic laminate. This material is light weight, easy to fix, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Also very good value for money.

Celtic Slate House Sign

Font - DS Celtic 1, Size - 240mm x 165mm
This celtic slate house sign was made from 12mm slate. The lettering is engraved into the slate but the border has been left proud with the background sand blasted away.

Hand painted home sign in top quality cast polyurethane
Hand Painted Cast Home Sign

Shape - Domed Rectangle
This sign was cast in top quality polyurethane and the lettering and image was then hand painted. The motif is pheasant. This product is superior to metal in many ways. The lettering is crisper and it is very long lasting.

Stone-like corian - black quartz
Large Engraved Address Sign

Font - English and Engravers MT
This large address sign measures 750mm x 300mm. It is made from stone like corian which is 12mm thick. The colour is black quartz and the lettering memorial quality gold.

Hanging House Sign
Oak Framed Hanging Sign

Font - Trajan Bold/ Times New Roman
The sign panel is black aluminium composite with gold lettering applied. It has been framed with black painted oak and hung from wrought iron hanging bracket, The overall size is 485mm x 255mm.

Reflective House Sign
Reflective House Sign

Font - Times Roman, Size - 400 x 300mm
This house sign was made using black aluminium composite with reflective white lettering on an iroko wood backing board.

Slate house sign with ivy leaf border
Slate Sign with Ivy Border

Font - Times New Roman
This lovely sign was made in 20mm slate. The size is 540mm x 250mm. It has an ivy leaf decorative border.

Oval Corian House Sign
Oval Corian Address Sign

Font - Book Antiqua Size - 350 x 225mm
This is an engraved sign made from stone like corian. The corian colour is elderberry and the letters are paint filled white.

Round Value Home Sign
Round Value Home Sign

Font - Arial Rounder MT Bold
This house sign is simple but effective. It is made from gloss green aluminium composite with silver white reflective lettering. It measures 450mm across and was supplied with green screw caps.

Painted Wooden Entrance Signs
Painted Entrance Sign

Font - CantataOne, Size 600mm x 300mm
An entrance sign with very stylish text. The paint colour is F&B Purbeck Stone and the letter colour dark grey. The post tops have been shaped.

Cast Bronze Name Plates
Cast Bronze Name Plates

Cast bronze is a timeless material for house signs. Craftsmen use traditional methods for casting the bronze name plates. Each casting is a unique piece in it's own right. The sign above measured 12" x 8" and had a bespoke shape and background colour. (Ral 3011)

Tough cast polyurethane house sign
Cast Polyurethane House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
Tough top quality polyurethane is ideal for tough long lasting house signs. It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs can be much more intricate. The size of the above sign is 400mm x 175mm/

Steel Posts with Bracket for Hanging Signs
Steel Posts with Bracket

The box steel posts is 2.5m high, 610mm to end box steel horizontal, 730mm in total with 300mm between hooks. The sign here was made on aluminium composite, but it could be solid aluminium, wooden or wooden framed.

Reflective house sign made in tough aluminium composite.
Reflective House Sign

Font - Maiandra GD, Size - 300 x 225mm
This reflective house sign has been made double sided with holes in the top for hanging it. The lettering was requested at 40mm. A simple line border finishes the sign perfectly.

Slate Address Sign with silver lettering
Slate Sign with Silver Letters

Font - Arial, Size - 200 x 400mm
This slate address sign has the letters painted using a metallic silver paint. It is an excellent paint normally used for memorials. The plover artwork used was sent in by the customer.

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