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Stone memorials made just the wy you want them.

We have a fantastic range of Stone Memorials here at The Sign Maker. From Granite and Slate Memorial Wedges to Stone-Like-Corian Tablets, we hope to have a great fit for you to honour your loved one with. Our bespoke memorials enable you to design a piece just the way you want. Our skilled craftmen can design and craft high quality memorials to suit a wide variety of styles, working alongside you at every stage of the process.

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions as well as a short post on The Sign Maker Blog.

Standard tone memorials - good value

Stone Lawn Memorials - Standard Sizes - Good Value
Lovely stone memorial tablets made from slate or thick granite. We have slate in various thicknesses plus five different granites. The slate is a natural slate with all its beautiful markings. 
These memorials are intended to be set into a lawn. If you wanted to fix to wall or other structure we would suggest using 20mm thick stone. As always we will create a unique stone tablet to your own design.  We can also make larger memorial stones in Slate, Granite and Purbeck Stone.

Black granite wedge with gold text.

Memorial Wedges - Granite & Slate
Our slate and granite plinths and wedges are great value for money. Crafted to have a sloping effect (measuring 50mm at the front and 100mm at the back), these pieces can be designed with engraved lettering or a mounted plaque.
If you decide on a plaque it can be crafted in Corian, Brass or Bronze, all of which pair up well with the stone plinths and wedges. Our bespoke memorial wedges are available in a variety of standard sizes.

Portrait slate wedge with white text.

Small thick slate memorial.

Slate Memorials
Slate is a very traditional material for memorials and we have slate available from 12mm - 75mm thick.. The lettering can be engraved into the slate, sand blasted into slate or left proud whereby the background is blasted away.
Holes can be drilled for mounting the memorial onto a posts or wall. The slate can also be left without holes for embedding into stonework. The minimum size for painted letters is 20mm and for unpainted letters it is 15mm. Raised and unpainted letters need to be 25mm in height

Slate memorial plaque using Welsh Blue Slate.

Superior Welsh Blue Slate
Considered by many to be the best slate in the world, Welsh Blue not only looks great, but has proven itself to be a a long-lasting and durable choice - hence why ,a good number of people choose Welsh Blue for memorial pieces from The Sign Maker. It's longevity comes from the fact that little water is able to penetrate into Welsh Blue making it less susceptible to frost damage.
Harder, denser and stronger than other slate, alongside the fact that it has a 600 million year old history and considerable lifespan, Welsh Slate is a material that leads with its reputation - perfect for top quality slate memorials.

Good value etched slate memorial.

Good Value Etched Slate Memorial
Using this method the slate is surfaced etched using a laser. This technique is ideal where smaller text or detailed images are required which cannot be deep engraved or sandblasted into the slate. We are also able to laser etch good photos into slate. We can combine the two methods, whereby we deep engraved and paint the lettering and add a laser engraved photo. Laser etching takes us less time and materials than sand-blasting or deep engraving and therefore it is cheaper.

Very hard wearing green Lakeland Slate

Lakeland Green Slate Memorial
Crafted using Slate quarried from a small quarry in the Lake District, our Lakeland Green Slate Memorials are both unique and special. These pieces not only look incredibly beautiful but they also weather well. This one-of-a-kind material is hard-wearing and is the product of some wonderful craftsmanship.

Celtic grey grante memorial with white text.

Granite Memorials
We have a total of ten different granite colours in four thicknesses to create granite memorials and memorial tablets. There are standard size which are very good value but we can make them to any size you want. Granite is perfect for long lasting low maintenance memorials.

Black granite memorial plaque with a sand blasted border.

Black granite memorial on double tree stake.

Small Highly Polished Black Granite Memorials
We have a range of 10mm black granite tablets with polished tops and sides. These are ideal when the larger memorials would not be appropriate. They can be attached to a wrought iron tree stake.

The smallest - 100mm round or square, can be used in combination with other materials. For example an engraved granite photo could be used in a slate or wood memorial tablet.

Stone-like corian plaque on a wooden backing board.

Stone-like Corian Memorial Plaques
Our Stone-Like Corian Memorial Plaques are a great way to pay a personal tribute to a loved one that you have lost. Corian is modern material with a stone like finish so if you are looking for a durable, fade-proof and virtually maintenance free memorial, then a Stone-Like Corian plaque may be the perfect choice for you.
Our memorial plaques can be crafted in a variety of colours, and the design can be engraved (even with smaller detailing). Corian is a material that we can cut into unusual shapes and a range of sizes. Additionally, Corian memorials can be finished with a full colour inlay made from tough anodised aluminium if required.

Stone-like corian cross.

Stone-Like Corian Crosses
Stone-like Corian is a wonderful material. Unique in many ways despite it's similarities to Stone, many choose Corian for its vibrant colours and stand-out appearance. Others choose Corian based on the fact that though it is more expensive, it is longer lasting than other materials.
Corian also requires little to no maintenance throughout its life, which is a definite perk if you're looking for a straight forward memorial. You can purchase Stone-Like Corian Crosses (both standard and Celtic crosses) in four different colours.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques

If you still can't decide which memorial plaque is best for you, have a look at the Gallery or our Board on Pinterest

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