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Sandblast Vinyl for Windows
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Self Adhesive Vinyl Panels for Windows

Sand Blast Effect Window Art
Banish the net curtains forever. Use our sandblast effect vinyl on your glass doors and windows. Lets the light through and at the same time gives you excellent privacy. It is completely washable and very easy to clean.

The window designs are cut from good quality sandblast effect vinyl normally used for exterior purposes. The design is supplied on application film ready for you to apply to the window.

You just peel off the protective covering, carefully place the film on clean glass (inside facing outwards), rub hard and then peel off the application film.

The design opposite is made of of two designs - PALM LEAVES.CDL and 7smBUTTERFLIES.CDL. The butterflies were placed to suit panel.

Big Discounts for more than one item
Order two identical items for a £15 discount
Order more than one item on the same vinyl for a £13 discount on second and subsequent items.


We have two types of sand blast effect window vinyl.

Standard silver/grey TR101  Price bracket A  This is the standard sand blast window vinyl with a 5 year outdoor life span. Best to use wet application method

Sand blast effect window vinyl with air escape adhesive. Silver TR111 and  Champagne TR113(Price Bracket D) This vinyl has a 7 year outdoor life span and is design to use with the dry application method   The special adhesive makes it much easier to remove any bubbles which you have trapped. We also have a range of transluscent colour vinyls which can be used on windows. Click - Window Signage

A 300mm 400mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £16.97 £17.23 £17.75 £18.52 £19.30 £20.07 £20.84
150mm £17.36 £17.75 £18.52 £19.68 £20.84 £22.01 £23.17
200mm £17.75 £21.86 £22.90 £24.44 £25.99 £27.54 £29.09
300mm £18.52 £19.30 £20.84 £23.17 £25.49 £27.81 £30.13
400mm £19.30 £20.33 £22.39 £25.49 £28.58 £31.68 £34.78
600mm £20.84 £22.39 £25.49 £30.13 £34.78 £39.42 £44.06
800mm £22.39 £24.46 £28.58 £34.78 £40.97 £47.16 £53.35
1m £23.94 £26.52 £31.68 £39.42 £47.16 £54.90 £62.64
1.2m £25.49 £28.58 £34.78 £44.06 £53.35 £62.64 £71.93
D 300mm 400mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £17.39 £17.78 £18.58 £19.76 £20.95 £22.14 £23.33
150mm £17.98 £18.58 £19.76 £21.55 £23.33 £25.11 £26.89
200mm £18.58 £22.97 £24.55 £26.93 £29.30 £31.68 £34.06
300mm £19.76 £20.95 £23.33 £26.89 £30.46 £34.02 £37.58
400mm £20.95 £22.54 £25.70 £30.46 £35.21 £39.96 £44.71
600mm £23.33 £25.70 £30.46 £37.58 £44.71 £51.84 £58.97
800mm £25.70 £28.87 £35.21 £44.71 £54.22 £63.72 £73.22
1m £28.08 £32.04 £39.96 £51.84 £63.72 £75.60 £87.48
1.2m £30.46 £35.21 £44.71 £58.97 £73.22 £87.48 £101.74
Supplied in one piece Supplied in two pieces

We have a range of Window Art Designs plus large range of Other Designs and Decorative Borders  Avoid using images with fine lines.  The first image or border is included in the cost. Further images available @ £3.75 per image. We can use your own image but this will incur an artwork charge

You can specify where you would like the image and how much of the panel you would like it to fill. Vinyl Window Art is normally supplied with the adhesive on the front ready to apply to the inside of the window, facing out. 

You can also choose fill the window panel with the sandblast vinyl and have the design cut out. Or you can just have the design in the sand blast vinyl and have the background removed.

Flying Ducks - DUCKS3.CDL

Landscape design - MOUNTAIN.CDL
These designs were put on a landing window which was very close to the house next door

looking from the outside

looking from inside - daytime

looking from inside -evening
The tall tree is TREE7.CDL, the shorter leaning tree is TREE3.CDL

Window Art 12 with Decorative Border 02

Window Art 01 with Decorative Border 02
These two images are the two lower panels of an upstairs bathroom window taken at night

We also make house name window signs to go on the glass in your front door

Window Art
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