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Fonts for Signs

Hundreds of fonts available
Choose the one to suit your sign or name plate.

One Colour Images
Single Colour Images

Thousands of images to personalise your plaques and house signs.

Full Colour Images
Full Colour Image

Images and backgrounds for use with any colour printed sign board or wheel cover.

Sign Borders

Line borders and decorative borders are available - choose bold designs only for stone

Paint Colours
Paint colours

For painted boards & signs as well as lettering on wood, slate and granite signs.

Vinyl Colours
Vinyl Colours

For use on Wheel Covers, Sign Boards, Acrylic House Signs and A-Boards

Sign Sizing
Sign Sizing

Need help with sizing?
This page shows letter heights and sign lengths.

House Names
Sign Sizing

Ideas for choosing a house name. Includes survey of 50 most popular names

Design Your Sign
Design your sign

On online design tool to help you create your sign just the way you want it.

Backing Boards
Backing Boards

Backing boards are made to measure on site. Various timbers and finishes.

Oak Frames
Wooden Frame

Our carpenter will make make oak frames for any sign under 6mm thck.

Wooden Posts
Wooden Posts

Wooden posts made in
oak or softwood.

Posts for Stone Signs

Oak posts with extra support bars for weighty stone signs.

Post with Arm

Wooden posts with arm for hanging signs - available painted or natural oak.

Aluminium Posts
Round aluminium posts for aluminium signs

Round aluminium posts with fittings for aluminium signs with channels fixed

Sign Brackets
Hanging brackets for signs

We have many different styles of hanging bracket to suit all kinds of signage.

Entrance Signs
Oak Entrance Sign

Wooden framed entrance signs combining traditional oak with modern panels.

Ladder Signs
Wooden Ladder Signs

Ladder signs made in Oak, Iroko and Painted Wood. Quoted to any size.

Heart Shaped

Heart shaped plaques and memorials in corian, wood, granite, bronze & more

Entrance Signs
Entrance Sign

Superior entrance signs with solid oak panel and inlaid engraved plaque.

Sign Fittings
Fittings for signs

Chains, hooks, D shackles, standoff fixings, clips, split rings and screw eyes.

Tree Stakes
Tree Stakes in wood & metal

Tree stakes and plaque holders in wrought iron, metal, timber & plastic.


Powerful adhesives suitable for all kinds of signs including slate & stone

Multisove surface cleaner

For cleaning surfaces prior to applying self adhesive vinyl signs or stickers.

Sand Blasting
Sand Blasting Service

Our craftsmen provide a sand blasting and blast cleaning service in Devon

Wooden Caskets
Wooden Caskets

Solid wooden caskets and wooden urns designed for cremation ashes.

War Memorials
War Memorials

War Memorials in various materials including bronze, brass, corian, hand painted zinc, wooden & more.

Timber Finishes
Timber Finishes

A range of timber finishes to protect your sign and
keep it looking lovely

Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs
Wooden Signage

Overview of all the
Wooden Signage

Timbers to Use
Choices of timber for wooden signs

Properties of the ten different timbers we can use for wooden signage.

Elegant Timber
Elegant Timber

Can include intricate
images as well as fine
small text if required

Round & Oval
Round and Oval Plaques

Beautiful plaques - ideal for house signs, awards & memorials.

Large Oak Signage
Large Oak Signs

Large oak signs for businesses, farms and estates.

Majestic Oak

A heavy wood which is strong and durable.
Very beautiful.


A dense and stable timber full of natural oil, making it ideal for external signage.

Chestnut house signs

Durable Chestnut house signs from locally sourced timber. Very good value.

Large Timber Signs
Large Timber

Our carpenters join oak, douglas fir and red cedar boards for large signage.

Memorial Plaques
Wooden Memorial Plaque

Use iroko for a low maintenance
memorial plaque

Woodland Burials
Woodland Burials

Lawn memorials, wooden plaques and posts without any metal - no screws

Wooden Heart
Wooden Heart Plaque

Iroko wooden heart which can be screwed directly onto one of our tree stakes..

Engraved Wood
Engraved Wood

Using a laser we are able to engrave on all the different timbers with small text.

Wooden Cross
Laser Engaved Cross

Lettering and images can be lasered directly into the wood.

Sapele House Signs

Looks like mahogany
but is very stable and
even harder than oak.

Rustic Slices
Rustic Slice

Each piece is different. The un-varnished bark is left on. The front is varnished


The letters are proud and the background blasted away leaving a driftwood effect

Painted Oak
Painted oak sign

Solid oak signs painted in a variety of colours. Traditional yet look smart anywhere.

Framed Oak Veneer
Oak veneer farmed

Oak frame surrounding oak veneer board with vinyl or painted letters. Interior use.

Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer

A good material for internal wooden signs eg door nameplates.

Painted Frames
Traditional painted framed sign.

All wood frame and board which is painted black and white. Can be hanging sign.

Frame Edge
Tough Tricoya sign board with wooden framed edge - painted

Ideal for single sided signs - a framed edge as opposed to a full frame..

Finger Posts
Wooden Posts

Finger posts made in
oak or iroko to
suit all sizes.

Wooden Posts

Overview of all the posts for signs - wooden steel and aluminium.

Painted Posts
Painted signs and posts

Painted oak posts and painted signs made from oak or long life Tricoya board

Ladder SignsPainted Ladder Signs

Ladder signs both in painted and natural wood with one, two or three signs on posts

Pavement SignsPainted wooden pavement sign

Painted wooden pavement signs with painted or natural oak frame

Chalk BoardChalk Board

Painted wooden pavement signs with painted or natural oak frame

Hockey Stick SignsHockey stick house sign

A simple but effective house sign which can be buried into the grass verge.

Sign Fittings
Fittings for signs

Chains, hooks, D shackles, standoff fixings, clips, split rings and screw eyes.

Wooden Sign Images
See a selection of wooden signs we have made

Have a look at this page for ideas. It contains lots of wooden signs we have made.

Stone - Slate, Marble and Granite

Stone & Slate

Overview of all the
Stone & Slate Signs

Standard Slate
Raised Slate

Made with natural slate. The letters or background can be sandlasted away.

Large Slate
Large Slate Signs

Large slate can be sand-blasted up to 2m long and 20-50mm thick.

Made to Measure
Made to Measure Slate

Slate can be cut to any size and simple images/borders can easily be included.

Welsh Slate
Welsh Slate Signs and Memorials

Welsh slate is considered by many to be the best slate in the world..

Basic Value Slate
Green Slate

Traditional V-Cut lettering painted white. Less choice but fast delivery.

Oval & Round
Oval Slate

A selection of round and
oval sizes in slate. Special sizes cut to order.

Limestone Signs
Limestone Sign

An interesting stone where you can actually see small fossilized creatures..

Slate Memorial
Large Slate Plaque

Unpainted letters can be as small as 15mm. Painted letters minimum is 20mm

Marble & Granite
Black Granite

Interesting selection of marbles and granites which can be cut to any size.

Large Granite
Large Granite signs and memorials

Large granite signs and memorials. Sizes up to 650mm x 2000mm .

10mm Black Granite
Small black granite memorial tablet.

Highly polish black granite memorial tablets - can include an engraved photo..

Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow sandstone house signs. 20mm thick and up to 600mm x 900mm - very unique.

Stone Numbers
Black Granite

Granite, marble and quarzite house numbers in 15 different stones

Corian Plaque

Looks and feels like stone but made with stone dust and resin - very stable material.

Stone Tablets
Ston Memorial Tablets

Available in heavy granite and slate up to 50mm thick. Designed for lawns etc.

Granite Wedges
Granite Wedges

For mounting plinths or wording can be engraved directly into the granite

Purbeck Stone
Purbeck stone signs

30mm purbeck stone signs made from stone quarried in Dorset - UK

Stone Sign Images
Lots of example of slate and stone signs

Have a look at lots of slate and stone signs we have made for ideas.

Granite Memorials
Granite Memorials

Beautiful granite memorials in many sizes - images can be included.

Zinc, Brass, Aluminium, Polyurethane and Bronze

Cast Aluminium
Cast Aluminium

Made of solid aluminium with an oven baked finish. Can included painted motif.

Cast Brass
Cast Brass

Solid brass with backgrounds painted in black, green,
blue or maroon

Cast Bronze
Cast Bronze

Foundry craftsmen use traditional methods for casting these bronze plaques

Cast Polyurethane
Hand Painted Cast House Signs and Commercial Signage

Polyurethane - one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant materials around

Zinc Plate
Tough zinc plate with raised letters

Tough zinc plate with background etched away leaving raised letters

Embossed Signs
Vintage style embossed name plates

Vintage style embossed and enamelled name & number plates in lots of colours

Tough printed surface

Digitally printed anodized aluminium with a tough scratch resistant surface.

Engraved brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic Laminate and Corian

Engraved Brass

Top  quality engravers brass available in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm thickness.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Stainless steel does not tarnish and therefore requires little maintenance.

Silver Aluminium
Silver anodised Aluminium

Silver anodised aluminium is ideal for the more contemporary nameplate.

Black Aluminium
Black Aluminium

Ideal for memorial plaques as it looks very smart and is maintenance free

Chemically Etched
Chemically Etched

Very useful process when small letters, fine detail or several colours are required

Acrylic Laminate
Acryllic Laminate

Ideal for small text and detailed images as well as being low maintenance.

Corian Memorials
Corian Memorial plaques

6mm Corian is fantastic for memorial plaques - attractive, durable and low maintenance.

Memorial Crosses
Corian memorial cross

For memorial crosses we use 12mm corian. These are longer lasting than wooden.

Corian House Signs
Corian Sign

Versatile material which feels like stone but can be used where images are required.

Plaque with Holder
All in One Plaque Holder, Plaque and Stake

All in one plaque with stake and holder - Ideal as Grave Marker or Plant Stake

Lasered Brass
Tough printed surface

Lasered engraved brass is ideal where small text or images are required.

Etched Memorials
Etched photo memorials.

Chemically etched stainless steel. Tough and mainenance free. Ideal for photos

Flat Plate Metal Signs

Reflective Sign Board

Reflective lettering on tough 3mm aluminium composite board

French Style
French Style Signs

Zinc coated steel signs with lettering applied and baked in an oven for a durable finish

Value House Signs

Made from tough rigid aluminium composite in range of colours and shapes

Vinyl Signage - Cut Vinyl & Full Colour Printing

Vinyl Letters
Vinyl Lettering

For use on glass, as wall words, vehicle graphics or making your own signs

Wall Quotes
Wall Quote and Wall Words

Vinyl with removable adhesive is ideal for wall quotes and wall words.

Fire and Safety
Fire and Safety Signs

Safety signs - fire, warning, catering, security, plus standard information

Printed Stickers
Printed vinyl stickers

Printed self adhesive vinyl stickers - UV stable and suitable for outdoor use

Self Adhesive
Self Adhesive Printed Vinyl

These self adhesive signs with a peel-off backing can cover existing signs

Multiway aluminium finger posts

Full colour printed banners made in strong waterproof PVC banner material.

Sign Boards
Sign Boards

Sign boards made in various materials - PVC, Composite, Aluminium & Fibreglass

Clear Glass Effect
Full colour printed vinyl on aluminium composite

Contempory business signage on posts or wall mounted.

Hanging Signs
Business Signage

Hanging signs, hanging flags and pub signs made in a variety of materials & styles

Framed Signs
Framed House Sign

Beautiful signs framed in oak in variety of sizes. Use as house signs or business signs

A-Boards, Swing Signs and Sandwich Boards

A-Boards with clear magnetic PVC cover and blackboard insert. Ideal as poster case, blackboard or display board.

Pavement Signage
Pavement Sign

We have a good selection of pavement signs. There are swinging signs, rotating signs and a budget A-Boards.

Hanging Wall Board
Wall display board

These wall display boards / poster cases / blackboards are well made come with a clear PVC magnetic cover.

Notice Boards
Outdoor Notice Boards

A range of notice boards and poster cases - wall mounted or post mounted. Optional headers.

Magnetic Signs
Full colour printed magnetic signs

Vehicle magnetic signs are an excellent way of advertising.
Full colour for impact.

Lectern Sign

A range of outdoor lecterns for dispalying signs made in wooden and steel.

Finger Posts
Multiway aluminium finger posts

Finger posts are multi directional - made from power coated aluminium 

Fibreglass Signs
Fibreglass Sign Boards

Extremely strong boards - ideal for business signage. Lots of shapes & sizes. 

Directional Signs
Direction arrows

A range of directional arrows in five different materials - oak - aluminium - PVC 

Projecting Signs
Projecting Signs

A range rigid projecting signs in lots of shapes, sizes, colours and styles.

Modern Brackets
Modern Brackets

A range of modern style hanging brackets with 19mm foamed PVC boards.

Traditional Brackets
Traditional Brackets

Traditional style hanging brackets with 19mm foamed PVC boards.

Simple Projecting
Rigid Projecting Signs

Simple projecting signs made from one piece of aluminium in white or colours.

Projecting Bracket
Basic projecting sign bracket

A basic projecting bracket designed to take an aluminium composite panel..

Heavy Duty
Heavy duty sign brackets

Heavy duty projecting sign brackets in three sizes for aluminium composite panels.

Value Hanging Signs
Good value hanging signs

A range of very good value hanging signs. Brackets and panels sold separately.

ID Hanging Signs
Top Quality Hanging Signs

Top quality hanging brackets with panels made from metal or PVC

Wooden Framed
Wooden Framed Hanging Sign

Wooden framed hanging signs to fit from any of our bracket ranges

Scroll Brackets
Rigid projecting signs with scroll brackets

Rigid projecting signs with ornate scroll brackets and foamboard PVC panels


Window Signs
Window Vinyl

Banish the net curtains forever with  sandblast
effect window.

Acrylic Name Plates
Acrylic Signs

High quality contemporary acrylic signs suitable for internal or external use.

Painted Clear Acrylic
Clear acrylic sign painted and laser etched on reverse.

Painted clear acrylic signs and plaques painted and laser etched on the reverse.

Full Colour Acrylic
Full Colour Acrylic Name Plates

Full colour glass like acrylic signs suitable for internal or external use.

Stable Name Plates
Stable door nameplate

Horse name plates for stable doors in many different  materials, fonts and images

Celtic Designs
Celtic Designs

Available in - Slate, Wood, Clear Acrylic, Corian, Reflective, Engraved Metal

Desk Signs
Desk Name Plate

Quality engraved brass or modern anodised aluminium on a solid wood bar.

Oak Frames
Wooden Frame

Our carpenter will make make oak frames for any sign under 6mm thck..

Framed Canvas

Top quality framed canvas. Can be finished with an oak surround for classic look.

Black & White Sign
Black and White Signs

Black and white signs are becoming increasingly popular

Notice Boards
Notice Boards

A superb range of notice boards & poster cases along with A-boards & blackboards

Sand Blasted Jars
Sand Blasted Glass Jars

These jars are lovely and can be used for flowers or tea-lights. Standard & Bespoke.

Slate Name Settings
Rustic slate place name setting

These wedding place name settings have proved to be exceptionally popular. .

Direction Signs
Direction Signs

A range of direction signs and directional arrows ideal for weddings and events

Notice Boards

Bespoke wooden notice boards made to your exact requirents by our carpenters


Blackboards and whiteboards personalised with your wording for indoors & out

Sign Lighting
Sign Lighting

LED and standard sign lighting for wall signs and projecting signs.

Family Bars
A range of products for the home bar or family garden pub.

A range of products for the home bar or garden pub. Slate bar tops - Signs - Gifts.

Taxidermy Shield
Taxidermy shields and award plaques

Taxidermy shields and trophy plaques made to any size and shape by our carpenters.

Wheel Covers

Cut Vinyl
Vinyl Wheelcover

Wheel covers using cut vinyl are lower cost yet longer lasting than printed.

Full Colour Printed
Printed Wheel Cover

Single photos or two blended plus wording are available on these wheel covers

Full Wrap
Full Wrap Wheelcover

.The full wrap wheel covers has a laminated vinyl which wraps around the curved disk.

Standard Designs
Stock Designs

There is a huge range of stock full colour images which can be used.

Blank Wheel covers
Blank Wheel Cover

Both the vinyl wheel cover and stainless steel wheel cover are available blank.



Engraved Cufflinks
Large range of bespoke cufflinks

Engraved cufflinks for all occassions - weddings, fathers day, birthdays ....

Cast Iron Gifts
Cast Iron Bells

Oak Photo Frames
Wooden Photo Frame

Pewter Gifts
Huge range of beautiful pewter gifts.

Fun Metal Signs

Framed Canvas

Bread Boards

Chopping Boards

Gift Plaques

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